Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Last game, went out with a BANG !

So some of you may remember me blogging last year about the type of league that Bash play soccer for. It's called FFPS which stands for Fun Fair Positive Soccer. Which has its pros and cons. One of the pros is that no one is allowed to yell anything negative at yours or anyone elses child. The con, sometimes you REALLY wanna let em have it, especially when they know they are slacking and you can't tell them anything. Another rule, is a pro and a con, they have a goal limit which is 3, after that you have to pass and not score. Well, this is a pro because you may have a slightly challenged team and an opposing player that scores nonstop, well this rule takes care of that, however, when your child reaches the limit within the first 15 min. of the game, it's kind of a bummer to watch him have to pass the rest of the game.

This was Bash's last game and he was on FIRE!!! He told me on the way to the game:
Bash: "Mom, I know what you and dad want me to do and it's my last game so I'm going to make ya'll proud. I said a prayer and I'm going to use all of the advice you gave me"
I smiled and said ...
Mom:"Just watching you do your best makes us so proud"
Boy was he ever serious about using our advice. He played the best game ever. See for yourselves!

We're just here for the snacks, but "Go Bash" On fire Ok this is a sweet Zidane move he learned from, you guessed it, his ole mama. You step on the ball with one foot, then pivot/turn and land with the opposite foot on top. I taught him the Sunday before his game and he practiced all week and NAILED IT! No pressure
Took it right in the gut and still scored Sweet shot!!! Did it go in you wonder? Yeah like 5 times, he was over his goal limit by the second period
Tony was a big help and allowed me to focus all my attention on Bash She was so proud of her big brother, plus sucking up to get some of his post game snacks!

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