Thursday, April 23, 2009

Learning Spanish

Ok, so when Bash was younger, the pre-school he went to was teaching him Spanish, because we never kept up speaking to him in Spanish at home, he just stopped speaking the little that he knew, and then eventually started telling us, don't talk to me like that(in Spanish.)We are going to now try again with Mia, only now, we will speak it at home, and maybe, just maybe, Bash will have to learn. So here is Mia singing Los Pollitos Dicen ("The chickies say"), and Colores (specifically red, blue, yellow, white). I love how on certain parts when my "scary" voice goes up, she gets really exited and tries to sing. These are songs Bash used to sing and had forgotten, now he's starting to sing them again while we are teaching Mia, so maybe there is hope! Oh, you'll have to scroll down to my music player and pause the music, I know its a drag but it's worth it.

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