Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter 09 - Arrival / Corpus Christi

Boy were we happy to see some of my family waiting for us to arrive. Bash, Mia and I had to make the trip alone, as John was still working nights, but we said our prayers and thankfully we arrived safely and in record time. No, I was not speeding, I like to think of it as Divine intervention. Well, my lil "Sicily girl" was waiting to meet her new cousin. Her mommy, the beautiful Michelle, and my nephews Stephen and Tony were also there. Mia also got to meet my mom's dog Emily for the first time, I wouldn't say they hit it off, but in later pics, you'll see they really started bonding.

Mia eating bananas, (while her daddy was gone)heehee, and taking a bath in my mom's sink, I refused to pack the whole nursery ie. swing, changing table, bath tub. We did take the bouncer however, and it was a lifesaver, and we made due without the other things and see, she survived.


  1. America, I bet you all were exhausted when you went back to Houston!! I love your dads porch...too Cool!!!!

  2. Cute pics!!!!!!!!


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