Saturday, April 18, 2009

Last days in Corpus

Before we left Corpus, we got alot accomplished. We had lunch with old friends, took the kids to the duck park, celebrated my stepmoms birthday at Niko's, all in one day, then the day we left John had two 1st molars extracted, I so should have taken pics of that but poor John he looked miserable. But before you think I'm cruel for saying that, he was the one saying, ah man you should have taken pictues
Mia with her uncle DJ DUS and her aunt Cesy

Our generations all time MUSICAL GENIUSES
The band and their girls. This picture takes me back to those good ole "El Sancho" concert days.

In case you are wondering, NO, John and I did not decide to buy an old apartment buildung. This is actually the apartment building, or den of iniquity, as I used to call it, that John lived in when I met him. We took Bash to see it, and he remembered it fondly. We told him John lost his job and we were going to have to move back there. I know, were so cruel. Well, John took this as a teaching opportunity to make Bash realize how much we have to be thankful for, how far we have come since we started living life the right way, and also how much further out of poverty an education could get you. He was just grateful we were kidding about having to move there.

John's apartment was the one on the top right corner.

Lakeview Park was one of our favorite places to take Bash when we lived there, the ducks would just come up to you freely to eat bread from your hand, and there was this pier that you could throw cat food off of and thousands of little turtles would come up to the surface to eat. Thats all changed. We were so dissapointed, it was the invasion of the seagulls. They would not let the ducks eat at all, as soon as we threw food, they would swarm down like angry bees. But we found a secluded corner where a few ducks came, and one cheeky rooster.

My dad asked why does she keep crying with me, and I told him that John and I keep a baggy of bacon in our pockets and thats why she likes to be with us. Well, his feelings were hurt and thats all I could think of.

Its the night before we have to leave so we all congregated in my mom's room and chatted, laughed, cried, and held on as tight as we could to those last moments. I miss you Mom!

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