Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Jump party

Mia's 3rd birthday was simple and sweet. She woke up to a streamer covered doorway and broke through with a big smile...
Beckham on the other hand...
We took the kids to I Jump and let them run wild...they've thought of everything...from inflatables to go karts, arcade, toddler room, and yes JUNK FOOD concession!

after lunch and naps, we invited their friends over to enjoy some cake and sing happy birthday to Mia, they were so sweet and brought her her first collectable doll. The children are Egyptian and speak Arabic fluently, it was cute to hear Mia tyring to mimic them and John practice, they actually understood him.

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  1. Wow...its amazing how much the kids have grown over the last year...America you are truly blessed with 3 beautiful Angels...omg..where has the time gone..
    Miss you dearly,
    Debbie Alaniz (Salazar)


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