Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bye Bye Houston, Hello Birmingham

The Riries have taken their show on the road. We finally made our first move, Birmingham, AL, for now... It was a crazy Christmas with John flying to and from Alabama and Florida, Christmas shopping, wrapping, decorating, organizing this move, de-cluttering, painting, yard work, carpentry work, carpet cleaning, and cleaning crews...oh my goodness I'm dizzy thinking about it. But, we pulled together and got everything done, thanks to friends, missionaries and wonderful members of our ward, we COULD not have done it without them!
As we drove off, a flood of emotions and memories filled my heart as I thought of all the blessings we received while in that home. I was taught my very first discussion of the plan of salvation in that home which led to mine and Sebastian's baptism as well as my husband coming back to the church. We were sealed shortly after, and also welcomed two beautiful babies into our family while in this home. I love everything about that house and hope whoever leases it while we're gone takes good care of it. We miss you Oakway!

Oh the nightmare that was our back yard, became a serious "why hadn't we done this before moment" was just like one of those things that you don't know where to start until you absolutely have to.
it had this disgusting rotting deck that took up about 85% of the yard the boys cleared it out and put down some sod and the change was nothing short of a miracle, especially for the time of year and weather we'd been having!
We were cutting and raking it within weeks

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