Monday, January 23, 2012

Sweet Home Alabama... part 2

Finally I got my fried green tomatoes, deelish! I love all of the southern home cookin, and the fact that John works less than 3 min. away, means trying out different restaurants and...

taking his girls to get manicures on his lunch break

poor little Beck dislocated his arm so we've already made a trip to the pediatrician whom the kids just adore, she's amazing! she popped that bone back in place in a second and he was good as new

There are about 4 library branches within 8 miles of our house...and each one of them has the most amazing children's programs. They get snacks during their storytime, they get library name tags that are waiting for them at the door before the programs start, they have a little theatre just for the kids activities with curtains and seating, and my favorite part is that they have an actual toddler/preschool area that the kids don't have to be too quiet, they can touch, read, and play with anything, love it !

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