Wednesday, August 4, 2010

{Mrs. Becca Brown was in Town}

So Becca and her little brood came to visit and we had a wonderfully crafty week to say the least. We are definitely two procrastinators who have all of these crafty ideas but won't do them on our own, but once we get together, watch out. We got so much done! We made a list and she helped me get all of my "before Beckham" stuff out of the way. We did burp cloths, my nursing cover, recovered pillows, she even recovered my glider for the nursery, and yes we still had time to do a project for the girls.
We made these lovely bow boards for the girls to hang their hair bows to. We went snooping in my attic for wood I remembered was up there for a burlap magnet board and ending up scoring these pre-fabric/batted boards, so we turned these pastel monstrosities:

Into these lovely bow boards:

Mias (I've chosen a duvet for her room from Ikea , and that's why I went with these colors. We didn't want them to look like the typical pink ribbon with tufted buttons)
Leahs (I love the simplicity and classicness of this one)Good job Beck!

burp cloth

$5 Ikea pillow+ $3 remnant fabric=

After Becca taught me how to do this envelope style cover, I'm hooked, I've covered like 4 pillows with burlap and love them, I need to embellish them, then I'll post some pics.

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