Thursday, August 26, 2010

{Recent Happenings}

I've been hounded by my mom and husband to post something new about the kids. Funny, no one cared about the blog so much until Beckham came along : ).
So first and foremost, we have an official 4th grader "In Da House" Woop Woop! Bash is growing fast and almost as tall as me (not there yet Bash) and super handsome, but I am a little biased. Dad gave him a special back to school Blessing and we prayed for a great new school year. Despite his dyslexia he did very well this past year, I hope that anyone out there with little ones and think they may be exhibiting signs of dyslexia, will get them tested, the sooner the better, and please know that they can beat it academically and emotionally, with lots of love and encouragement. We're so proud of you Bash!

I've been meaning to post this, this was the first Sunday after Beckham came home, Bash was gone, and Beck and mommy stayed home recovering, so Mia and Daddy went to church together. I love this pic!

As for this little guy, he's just the sweetest and quietest baby ever, which worries me because that's how my babies start out, but for some reason don't quite stay that way for long.
If you've ever seen the commercial for 1-800-contacts, you'll appreciate the nickname "Special Eyes" that's what we started calling him after we noticed he had this dramatic stare and uncanny resemblance. Here's the commercial:
This fierce little diva has discovered a passion for make-up and jewelry, John and I caught her doing this Sunday afternoon. But as you can see her OCD for cleanliness far out ways her passion for makeup and jewelry.
These are mostly to satisfy my mother who keeps bugging for pics of all 3, eat your heart out mom. I've got Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry, my Neapolitan bunch.
My parents came to visit again and while on the way home from the mall, Beck was gettin fussy so my dad offered his hand and Beck wrapped those sweet little fingers around his thumb and didn't let go the whole way home.
Mia was a little traumatized after seeing that so she began regressing when we got home and tapped back into her "infant" stage. She let my dad rock her in that car seat for 5 min. before regaining her senses.


  1. Love, love LOVE!!! all these pictures. The one of Bash and Beck just makes me melt. We need to get Carmen and Mia together to make messes.

  2. Mamita, You have to send me pictures PLEASE!!!!! they are beautiful. I am so glad you all are doing well and loving every minute of it.
    He looks like you:-) How cute:-)

  3. Oh I love it!!!! Beckham is SO handsome!!! And Bash and Mia are as beautiful as ever! We miss you guys!!

  4. Love them all;they're sooo adorable!

  5. Cute. love Mia in car seat too funny.


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