Sunday, August 15, 2010

{"Mom" & Joe's visit}

In our family the word "Mom" is more than just a title, it's also a highly acclaimed nickname and term of endearment. We called my mom's mom "Mom" and my neices and nephews now call my mom "Mom". It was kind of hard for John to understand, he thought it was a little bizarre and to be honest he wanted other nicknames for my children to call her, til he got to know my mom and understood the love and meaning behind that word when our children call her that. She truly embodies all that is "MOM" and she derserves that title and love more than anyone I know. We adore you "MOM"!
wait who's the newborn?
We had a short but awesome visit with my parents, it's only flaw was Bash's absence. Although he wasn't missing a thing, he had been invited to a fun-filled weekend with Aunt Jenna and the Rickers in Lake Jackson. This made him feel so special and indepenedent with all this baby commotion here at the Ririe house, he had so much fun, he had to apologize for not calling us for a couple of days. I'm so grateftul he had the opportunity to have one last "all about Bash" weekend before school starts, thanks Aunt Jenna and Rickers!

So, once again the visit consisted of my parents going gaga over Mia and Becks just being bounced from arm to arm. Oh, but our girl was eating it up!


  1. America - he's so cute and it looks like he's growing and changing everyday!! And I haven't even seen him yet! I'm glad you had a nice visit with your mom. I feel like a jerk because I forgot to text her about the "secret pickup" - I'm so sorry!! Let me know if there's another way to get it to you.

  2. I clicked on you to see how you were doing and saw that you had your baby!!!!
    CONGRATS!!!! he is beautiful!


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