Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Since when was Halloween a two day event ?

Oh my goodness last weekend was absolutely BANANAS !!! I still cannot believe all of the running around we did starting Fri. After Sebastian's book parade at school, we pulled him out early and went down to Miller Theatre (by Herman Park) and met up with the Wharton, Birch and Packer kids (Thanks for the invite Michelle, fantastic idea)to see Alice In Wonderland. I'd been told about Miller Theatre before, they said it was a great family activity because 1. it's free 2. they've got concession 3. its outdoors and surrounded by all of downtown's main attractions and 4. did I mention its FREE? It was kind of chilly so we made a b-line for the concession and got some hot chocolate and pizza, popcorn and nachos of coarse. I was amazed that Mia sat through it. After the show we walked around the gardens and took , yes, more pictures. I had never seen the Rose Gardens, they were incredible. Houston is filled with family fun, there is just so much to do, and most of it doesn't cost a penny. So, then it was back to get errands out of the way before Trunk or Treat at the church. That was an awesome turnout. We saw the cutest most creative costumes ever. Then believe it or not, one more function after that, Sebastian's piano recital was scheduled after Trunk or Treat so it was off to the Bitsoie's house for that. After they played their pieces we all enjoyed the nacho bar and sweet treats. It was a great night, and personally I love the idea of activities leading up to Halloween because then kids really get some use out of the costumes we spend time and money making and buying just for one night. Although I'm proud to say that I only spent $11 on Mia's "Pocahontas" costume and $6 on Bash's "Michael Jackson" costume. They looked too stinkin cute with their budget costumes.

Mia swallowed a petal

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