Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween Day - Discovery Green / Aquarium / trick or treating

So it's taken me so long to post these but, my family is relentless in demanding pictures of every moment of our lives. (Mom, Dad, & Yanet mostly) Gosh, that sounds like I'm complaining, but it really makes my heart skip a beat because I know how much they miss & adore their grand kids, so I do it with pleasure. It also makes all those hours behind the lens worth while.

So we went to Discovery Green Halloween morning and had a great time. I'd seen it on other people's blogs and been dying to go and let me say that Halloween was a fabulous time to go. The weather was phenomenal and they had tons of stuff for kids to do. They were even setting up a huge inflatable movie screen to screen "Frankenstein" later that night, along with games, food, candy, and entertainment ALL FREE !!!! I couldn't get over it. So big ups to Disc. Green, we'll definitely go again. I have to mention a funny story that happened there. We were strolling Mia along and John noticed a cart that soled little mini funnel cakes. So, we stopped and he asked if we wanted to walk over there, we agreed and as he began to push the stroller he noticed he couldn't, he began to push harder and was saying like "I can't get this thing to roll, it's stuck" then Sebastian walked to the front of it and shouted "MIA" so we all stop and look, and my poor little fat girl is wedged up under the stroller sprawled out on the pavement looking up at us in terror and possibly anger. We of coarse rushed to her aid, but quickly began laughing because of the unforgettable look on her face like "I can't believe you just ran me over for funnel cakes. She barely cried and we began walking to the funnel cake cart whose attendant had witnessed the whole incident. She was glaring at us lividly. So we walk up and she's like "is she ok? doesn't she have a restraint, do you feel guilty?" We were jeez lady, it was an accident have a sense of humor. She gave poor Mia free funnel cakes and a little hug. Oh it was so funny!

So then off for more adventure we made our way to the Downtown Aquarium. Oh, so worth ! This really makes the Texas State Aquarium look like the fish tank at Red Lobster, just kidding I shouldn't hate. But, it was fun nevertheless and buying the all day pass is the best way to go. We did the Aquarium, carousel, Ferris wheel, and Shark voyage for tons cheaper than buying tickets a la carte. Then we stopped off at Red Lobster, of all places, to revamp and recharge our batteries for the trick or treating later that night with the Brenners and Yanet. It was a fun-filled day and the kids were troopers. Mia ran out of steam right around 8:00pm and even though we gave her her 1st sucker she was so tired she was deliriously rubbing her eyes with it. Oh this Halloween was one the best I'd had in a long time, even since I was a kid.

The weight of the world sailing, takes me away .... Aquarium MC dowtown art

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