Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Feast With the Beast

So last Friday night we had been invited to an event at the Houston Zoo called FEAST WITH THE BEASTS, it's an event that has food and drink booths from vendors around Houston and the proceeds benefit the animals at the zoo. My friend Rachel's mom owns a chocolate fountain business called Fountains of Chocolate and had a booth at this event and if we agreed to help man the booth we'd get free tickets. I love doing stuff like this so we were so exited and then Mia got 4 shots that day and wasn't feeling well, so John stayed home with her. Well, I headed down there anyway cause I knew she'd be fine with daddy and met up with the other couples. I just could not believe how cool the zoo looked at night, with all of the entertainment, food booths, and animals that were being displayed out there. They had the lions out and huge giant rabbits or Flemish Rabbits to be exact. So, we worked at the booth for a while and then got to walk around and try out all of the foods from the Houston area restaurants that were set up there. I called it "grazing". We tried Greek, Mexican, Caribbean, Cajun, Persian, Tex-Mex, Asian, you name it, not to mention the dessert and drinks boots like Ooh La La cupcakes and Jamba Juice. Oh I was in Heaven ! I will definitely volunteer for next year. I adore animals and we all know how I feel about food, so this was a magical combiation for me. We ended the night watching the last couple of songs performed by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, which was this cool-cat swing band that had the crowd going nuts. Thanks Rachel for the invite I had a blast!

our booth look at that fountain of sin
just about to flip, go daddy-oh Big Bad Voodoo Daddy shut'n it down

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