Friday, November 20, 2009

Long overdue visit to Lake Jackson...

So finally we were able to go down to "LJ", Lake Jackson for those of you from not round these parts. And it was well worth the wait to say the least and perfect timing, because we got to not only see the Rickers, but the "other" Rickers (Jared and Elaine, lil Jared and Wylee), the Carruths, and Grandmacita aka Rosario. We had a blast. We drove straight to the field where Bailey and Trey had their soccer games that morning. It was the cutest thing, they ran that team, seriously I think they were the only two scoring goals. The bigger kids and the dads had their own soccer game going on at the adjacent field, oh my goodness talk about reliving the glory days. They were jukin the kids and bending in goals like it was world cup, too funny. So after games and trophies, we headed to the Ricker house to celebrate David's birthday. Raise your hand if you're 3. He was so cute and exited to cut his cake, open gifts and hit the pinata. We loved spending time with all of you and can't wait to do it again. It's super hard not being able to see each other everyday because of the distance, so trips like this are what we live for.
Ruth- we will definitely hang out more, without making and breaking plans especially because my son adores you and James and the kids/Sebastian said, "Mom, if Aunt Ruth lives so close, how come we don't play with them everyday?"
Elaine- we will definitely be at your sealing and endowments!!! I can't wait, and Grey Wolf Lodge here we come!
Please feel free to take pics, that's why I posted so many. Enjoy!
Daddy's girls
Bay goin in for the kill Trazor in action Sweet victory!
Our own soccer game Relivin the glory days
Mia, I think you have to stand up to be goalie?
Holly your not making John's baby fever any better
Happy Bday David

Wylee's like,"What do you mean she's not 3, she's a friggin monster?" My nose isn't going to stop running anytime soon, so can we stop with the tissues?

Do you have poop Jack?
John calls this a portrait of the 3rd Reich
Not as fun having to wait your turn to hit the pinata this is more like it
Weeee Ahh, it seems like only yesterday we were in the same hospital, on the same day, on the same floor, with these two, where does the time go?
Oh these boys love them some Aunt Ruth

Finally, Bash let me get a shot

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