Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer Reading Schedule

Our summer reading schedule is well under way and doing great. With the help of our library and a neat website called fly lady, the Ririe family managed to come up with a summer schedule right after school ended that includes learning (math, writing, history, and geography), crafts, play time and story time. Story time is reading which goes with learning but with Bash's dyslexia, I didn't want to make reading time a boring thing. One thing that has REALLY helped him want to read other than picking out his own cool books, is reading them to Mia. If I begin reading time, its sort of a boring task, but if he reads to Mia he can read non-stop, and I usually have to remind him when time's up. I have some cool pics from the library I need to post and I'll include some of the books were working on.

It's so cute, he's learning to do voices and really enunciate for her

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  1. I miss you! Want to get together tomorrow? I need to hear more on this for sure! We need some scheduling help and Blake needs a friend! Call me!


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