Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rice Village

Well, I decided to be brave and take the kids to see the sites of downtown Houston. We went through the museum district then on a shopping spree down in Rice Village, and then also covered some of the Westheimer area. It was so much fun and there were a ton of sales. We went all through the Village, to antique stores, exclusive designer consigner shops, and I mean DESIGNER, like even resale the Chanel, Prada and Manolos were like 2-$300, and at one of them, they had the dress that Kevin Costner's bride wore, it was one of 5 made by that designer. It was alot of fun. I have to make little deals with Bash like ok if you do like 3 or 4 of my stores I 'll take you to one that interests you and get you a treat. He's obviosly outgrown those days when I'd strap him in the stroller, give him some candy and an icee and he could go all day long shopping with me. Well, for as many stores as we covered and all the long minutes of my trying stuff on, Bash got to pick two places to get a treat. The first place was called Candylicious, where I almost od'd on nostalgia and got a toothache just walking around in there. This place was the coolest with every candy ever invented and fully stocked. I mean anything you coudl think of. Then we went to a place called the Chocolate Bar, where I was almost forced into a diabetic coma. Here are some pics.

Like a kid in a candy store, literally!

Will someone please buy me one of these for my birthday? or just anyday.

I told Mia to "PRETEND" to sample, ok I really gave her some.

Do any of you remember my post back in May about our date to the Bombay Brasserie and I talked about seeing a woman in a Burka shopping at Victoria's Secret, well, guess who we saw, and guess where she was shopping, that's right! Yeah, fight the power!

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