Monday, June 1, 2009

Not without a BRACELET

Ok, so we get all dressed up for the some fun in the sun at the community pool. Bash is SUPER exited, first day back at the pool, until we get there. There are these two teenage life guards standing at the gate with a clip board. As we walk in they start corraling us to the corner saying "you can't get without a bracelet" and I was like we have ours from last year, and the office is closed on weekends so we couldn't get the new ones, can't we just use them this one time, until Mon. The kid was like, Uuuuum, no not without a bracelet. After arguing the fact that I literally live ONE street away, and that this was ridiculous not letting an eight year old kid who recognized all of the life guards from the previous summer, swim, I realized it was pointless arguing with a 16 year old kid with his clipboard. So, rather than conjure that super "Barrio" temper of mine, I just grabbed my kids and went home. My mom always use to say "when life hands you lemons, make lemodade" So, that's exactly what we did. Brought out the ole sprinkler on the front lawn. Ok so the "Barrio" still came out, but at least my son was happy. They don't care where the water comes from as long as they get wet! Later on I realized that we are members of a gym with a pool. So, thats where we've been going because now I refuse to go back to our community pool.


  1. You should've brung the barrio, America!

  2. That is so frustrating! Especially to a child that just wants to swim:( Looks like he had a fun time in the sprinkler though! Mia is SO stinkin cute with all her little rolls! LOL


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