Friday, June 12, 2009

Memorial weekend 09

Memorial weekend was FABULOUS in more ways than one, and couldn't have come any sooner! My mom and Joe came up with my nephew Tony and his daughter Sicily(my great-niece / I AM the baby, 8 years younger than my eldest sibling).

The two cousins were so exited to see each other. Sicily was super sweet and always softing Mia on the cheeks and arms. They woke up together, ate cereal together, and even bathed together.

Bash was stoked that my parents finally got to see one of his soccer games, they hadn't been to one since he was three. He scored a goal and had alot of great attempts, including one where he bent it straight in and up against the top of the goal. I'd like to take credit for teaching him that one if I may.

What Memorial Day weekend would be complete without a JUMBO watermelon that my parents bought somewhere between Corpus and here? This coming from someone who can't even stand the smell. I remember I OD'd on watermelon at my grandma's when I was like 4 or 5 and have never been able to stomach it since. But everyone else I know is crazy about it. Well, we all got to together at the park with the other cousins and ate watermelon & played tag and soccer.

Sunday morning we took the kids out and watched John put up the flag. John's never been one to be super patriotic with the exception of marrying someone named "America", but patriotism has always had a special place in his heart partly because of his father's admirable service and career in the Navy, and now his brother having just graduated from the Navy Seals. Afterward, we all wrote special notes to our family members who served in the military and have passed on. I had gotten the idea and planned to put these notes inside red/white/& blue helium balloons and take them to the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery where, my late father-in-law is buried, and let them go. At first the idea was for the kids to write these to remember and honor their Papa, but everyone began writing little notes and drawings, including my mom whose father was an MP in the army. It was really special, til the storm came and we couldn't drive out there. Well, I saved everything and John and I will take the kids out to let the balloons go this weekend. So look out for that post coming soon... TBC

Then as my mom and Joe were leaving, we got a visit from my dad and his wife Elva. This was soooo cool! All of my parents together even if for just a brief moment, one which I won't soon forget, and we took this picture to remember it always. I'll never forget all the sweet and precious moments that made up this wonderful weekend!

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