Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Paint can craft /Paper bag photo book craft

I've been wanting to post this for a while, well, since the last day of school obviously. Every last Tues. of the month John's lodge has a stated meeting with all of the Masons and their wives. After we all eat dinner the men go up to their meeting room and the women stay downstairs to work on a craft which we've usually pre-paid from the meeting before. My first craft was this paint can. It is so cool and can be used for MANY purposes. The first one we made we gave to my MIL for mother's day and called it her "Abuela Can". We filled it with goodies and grandma stuff. A friend of mine told me she went to a bridal shower and made a "Newly-wed SURVIVAL kit", she filled it with kisses, a pregnancy test, a happy massager, and just a bunch of funny things I can't remember all of them. So, this is the one we did for Bash's teacher, but you can also do baby showers and fill them with baby stuff.

The second craft it super stinkin cute. It is 3 paper bags, you can use white, decorated one, or brown like this one, and you arrange them oppostite ends, and then bind them with a hole punch and ribbon, or rings or whatever, then decorate and add pics. I made this one for my mom cause she claims that I use the blog as my picture giver and never give them paper copy pictures. So here it is. Hope you like it Mom!

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