Tuesday, December 17, 2013


On our way to Meknes we stopped by the archeological site of Volubilis… Morocco is full of UNESCO sites and this happens to be one of them. After winding three mountains and asking 5 farmers which way, I was starting to lose interest. Then we turned a corner, and lo and behold there it was. Wow, so breathtakingly beautiful.

Website quote: The Mauritanian capital, founded in the 3rd century B.C., became an important outpost of the Roman Empire and was graced with many fine buildings. Extensive remains of these survive in the archaeological site, located in a fertile agricultural area. Volubilis was later briefly to become the capital of Idris I, founder of the Idrisid dynasty, who is buried at nearby Moulay Idris.

Cool Fact: The name of Volubilis is known both from ancient texts and from the abundant epigraphic material from the site itself. Its origin is unknown but may be a Latinized version of the Berber name for the oleanderoualilt , which grows in profusion on the banks of Wadi Khoumane that runs round part of the site.

Sebastian's best friend is half Moroccan, so when Taki the monkey leapt into his lap to take a nap… he said "he know's I'm his brother."

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