Friday, December 13, 2013

2013 Trunk or Treat…part 1

  This year we brought trunk or treating to Morocco… boy did we ever!!! We put together a hodge podge of any Halloween decor we could get our hands on, asked everyone invited to bring a dish to share, and decorate their vehicle for the trunk or treat portion of the night, and paid a cotton candy guy last minute to do his thang. These expats, and some locals, came dressed and ready to partay. It was legendary, this party was attended by people who heard about it from as far as a couple of cities away. The kids had a blast and ate more candy than should be legal to consume, but we did it and it was worth all the effort just to see the looks on their faces. Photo credit to Kelly from Pulling the Plug on Facebook!!!

This year we went with the superhero theme, with the exception of one little sassy girl who wanted to be a Disney princess, so she chose Jasmine, which was actually quite fitting being that we live in Morocco. 

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