Friday, December 13, 2013

finally, a new lens

 Before we made our move to Morocco I was a day dreaming about all of the cool places and people I'd get to photograph…well, as luck would have it my lens crapped out, for lack of a better word. I was so bummed, but my 50 got me through it, however, traveling and trying to take pics of landscape and architecture does not work well with a 50…so began my research to find a new lens. Well, everything technological in Morocco is about 10xs  what it's worth… and then I discovered Derb Ghalef. It's a part of town that has anything and everything you can think of… acres and acres of just random stuff. Electronics, clothes, furniture, food… it's like a flea market on steroids, like flea market / mercado / black market / souk.  We were told by friends to be careful what you buy there because there are lots of knock offs, yada yada yada.  I found a camera shop almost immediately after we arrived and spotted this lens.  I asked to try it out and was amazed instantly at the quality of images… I played the "yeah, I'm not impressed, it's kind of grainy" bit, and he bought it, let me have it for a steal.  The only willing subject to test it out on was this girl (not by choice) she's a good sport though. I absolutely love it and now I can take pics of mosques without having to go across the street. Now if I can just convince John that I need a new camera for my lens, hint hint...

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