Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fes... {Part II}

The third tour of the day brought us to this tannery where we were literally taken through the very beginning of the process of getting you all your fine leather goods, hence the stack of very awful, nay, putrid smelling pelts.

This is where they wash, dry, and dye the leather.

This building was just of hundreds in this city of many tanneries. It was about 5 stories of any type of leather good you can imagine. Belts, purses, wallets, poufs, shoes, jewelry, jackets…boy or boy did they have jackets! Sebastian went home with this gem, tailor-made.  Anything you want you can get tailored to fit like a glove in just a couple of hours. 

These two pouting because they couldn't leave with those boots.

This pic brings us to lunch…finally! We entered this tunnel which took us through the old medina to a riad where we had the best tagine imaginable.

our little corner and spread

exiting the tunnel

After lunch we were ready to get our souk on… as we entered the medina we stopped at this Quran school for little ones, really little ones. It was so cute, they were singing the Quran when we walked in and took a break to talk to us. 

John got to show of his literacy in Arabic of which the teacher was super impressed.

One of the fundamentals of this culture that I adore is how everyone is a friend to them. Once they've learned your name, you are a friend for life. Beckham can attest to this.

Weavers Cooperative


rugs from wall to wall to wall...

they did everything but sing and dance apart from their fire retardant demonstration

Listen, rug buying is serious business… this guy downed like 3 Fantas and spilled at least 2, we felt almost obligated to buy a rug then.

I will always cherish these pictures… these woman, some from Berber tribes put all of their talent into these rugs and shared their skills with our kids.

She made a friend, as always...

Ok, loved, loved, loved this part of the day… final tour: spices and oils. Just when I thought I couldn't go on, we entered this shop. They had every kind of lotion, potion, cream, powder, you name it. Pick an ailment, any ailment, they've got the cure. We even got demonstrated on… and oh boy, they are not shy. We got stuff stuck up our noses for sinus issues, creams and oils put on our hair and skin… the owner even did my eyeliner with the kohl in the pot with the stick applicator, it was awesome. 

As if the trip wasn't cool enough, we walked out to our car to end the day and head home, just in time to see this bride carried off by the groomsmen to her reception. So beautiful…Besaha !

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