Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hi, He's 11, yikes!!

11 years ago, I was clueless... I had no idea how much love I could possibly contain in my heart for one little soul. I was handed a baby boy wrapped in a hospital kimono and striped pastel blankets and topped with the standard nursery knitted hat. He had a FULL head of black shiny hair and was as cute as a button, even though he looked like he went a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson. Oh, how it seems like only yesterday I was swabbing alcohol around a little umbilical cord. And now, that tiny little being is almost my height, going to middle school next fall, and is interested in girls. My My where does the time go.
We are so grateful for this boy and the young man is becoming. He is kind, thoughtful, HILARIOUS, confident and brave. He is excited about becoming a deacon and has an amazing testimony of the gospel.
Happy 11th, we love you Bash!
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Being that Christmas was so recent, we agreed not to go crazy over the kids birthdays, of course not all of us stick to the rules...Dad... yeah John went out and bought his baby boy a guitar and case and began giving Bash lessons...makes the hat and book I got him seem lame, although, we are reading (A Wrinkle in Time) and it's so cool to share a book that I loved at his age. Anyway, they've had crazy cool jam sessions with the Coldplay classics book John also got. Bash is a natural and so happy we let up on piano.

When asked where he wanted to go for his birthday, our little marksman opted for Hoover tactical... 3 hrs later they brought home their targets and showed off his skills.

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