Thursday, January 14, 2010

What else is there to do ?

My poor Mia has had the worst ear infection and we've been stuck at home. What else is there to do, but get out the camera and make her sing fun songs and take lots of pics?

The many faces of my lovely soon to be one year old girl
mia earache 043
mia earache 031
mia earache 044
mia earache 042
mia earache 043
mia earache 033
She so wasn't feeling well, so what do I do, keep snapping away, but she was a good sport as usual and was perfectly content as long as she had her woopie and her baby.
mia earache 022
mia earache 020
mia earache 018I think she's shhushing the baby 


  1. She is just too sweet!! P.S. I need your email address!

  2. Great blog!!! Its been a while since I stopped by!! Kids growing too fast!


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