Thursday, January 21, 2010

Feliz Cumplianos Mia Lourdes !

The first year is done, our little Mia is already 1! I cannot believe a whole year has past. It is so crazy how fast time flies. Today was a sweet and special day for all of us here at the Ririe home, we celebrated the first year of life of the "Fierce" little diva in the house. She was in such a good mood today, it's like she knew it was all about her. We got some new kicks and headed downtown to get her a cupcake at Sugarbaby's, to devour at dinner later. She thought she was in Heaven with all of those sweet goodies around her, but most of all because of all the breakables around her. We attempted to take pictures but her sweet mood turned sour as she quickly got hungry and tired, not a good combo for pics. So we headed back home to get some lunch and finish up our birthday shopping. When the boys got home we cut her some bangs as it's a Hispanic tradition to cut your child's hair on their 1st birthday, not the day before or the day after, the day of. Then we went out for pizza and let her get down to business with her cupcake. I'd prayed for a baby boy and a baby girl all of my life. As Sebastian got older, my hopes diminished that I'd ever get to have a baby girl of my own. But here she is and I couldn't be more grateful, I love you my sweet, chunky, fierce lil Mia !

Mia's 1st birthday 003off to a rough start, still adjusting to Converse 
Mia's 1st birthday 001we're here  
Mia's 1st birthday 015No Mia, that's a soap shaped like a cupcake 
Mia's 1st birthday 017Can't eat it ! 
Mia's 1st birthday 018So she wanted to leave 
Mia's 1st birthday 020
Mia's 1st birthday 022
Mia's 1st birthday 025I was giving her anything to keep her still 
Mia's 1st birthday 006But it didn't last long 
Mia's 1st birthday 027I guess this is why
Mia's 1st birthday 030
Mia's 1st birthday 033
Mia's 1st birthday 035Mia LOVES pizza, like her brother 
Mia's 1st birthday 040See 
Mia's 1st birthday 042
Mia's 1st birthday 047Jackpot 
Mia's 1st birthday 056
Mia's 1st birthday 057She's so proud of herself 
Mia's 1st birthday 060


  1. Happy Birthday Mia! She's so adorable. You know, I know these two boys...

  2. Hahahaha!!!! I can't wait to show Jared the cupcake eating pictures, he's gonna love them!! She is so adorable! And the bangs look fantastic on her...I can't get Wylee to sit still long enough to trim her bangs up, but they need it ;) Happy 1st birthday pretty Mia!

  3. She is a doll. I cannot believe she has gotten so cute and big. I love the pictures and look forward to meeting her. My mom is one lucky lady to have the girls carry her name. I also saw the pictures of Bash. For a moment there I thought it was Mia. You have beautiful babies.

  4. I love, love, love the pink tutu and black converse pictures. She is such a little dolly. I love it! If I ever have a little girl I was her to be just like Mia! Happy Birthday Mia!

  5. such cute pictures. loved seeing the pictures of bash. i think some of them can be used as blackmail when he's a teen ager. so fun to keep up with your family....aunt elaine

  6. Happy Birthday Mia too cute. I love the "cang cang" or "crenalin" those are so cute and tennis are too cool.

  7. Mia you're precious just like ur Mommy


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