Thursday, January 21, 2010

Recap ...

I promised John that I would do this, so here it is dad.

Just born 
1 month 
2 months 
3 months 
4 months 
5 months 
6 months 
7 months 
8 months  
9 months 
IMG_9343blog10 months 
11 months 
1 year old


  1. I still remember looking at pictures of Jack with Mia next to him in the hospital and I turned and said to Jared, "Who is that toddler next to Jack?" and then we found out that it was sweet baby Mia, who was just a little bit big lol!!! Such a sweet funny little girl, I'm so glad that we know her!!

  2. Happy birthday, sweet Mia! It's been a great year.


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