Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I can't believe I have a 9 year old !

I've been wanting to do this for so long.  When people comment on how crazy and long Mia's hair is, I always mention to them that Sebastian's hair was exactly the same and how I didn't cut it til he was 1.  Most of you who read our blog met us just over a year ago so you had no idea what Bash was like as a baby. Well, he was pretty much the same as he is now: adventurous, lover of animals and nature, athletic, handsome, sweet, gentle, outgoing and somewhat serious. I hope these photos relay all of the character that makes up our special Sebastian "Bash".
Bash with Papo (6 mo.) 
(9 mo.) 10 mo  (11 mo.) 1 yr. First haircut 
2 yr  3 yr  4 yr 5 yr  6 yr 
7 yr. 9 yr


  1. Aw, he was such a cute baby! He looked a lot like Mia in a few of those. Love you, Bash!

  2. Love u Bash! you are special to me

  3. Happy Birthday Bash how handsome you are in all your pics.

  4. OMG..I so remember those days....Always enjoy your blog..: )


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