Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Camera Happy

So there's this abandoned house that is just gorgeous, well, I took the kids to take some pics and we had a blast. It was super hot, but kind of adventurous cause the owners live like 50 yards away, yes we were trespassing, but my dad said they were hinting that they wanted to sell it to him, so hopefully they will. They have a ton of antique furniture like the teal desk Mia is sitting on and beautiful doors with glass and metal door knobs, just too chic.



In case your wondering why there are only 2 pics of Bash, MOM !, he HATES taking pictures, I'm lucky I even got the 3 that I did.


july4th2009 167


  1. I LOVE these! Your kids are gorgeous!

  2. america....your baby is the most gorgeous baby ever!!!!


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