Friday, August 19, 2011

Last Days of Summer...

+ this

= A super fun FHE
I got this Family night jar at the DI in Utah and it's filled with wonderful questions about testimonies, the gospel, scriptures, family dynamics, and kids opinions about all of that. It was so fun to listen to their comments and responses to those questions. Plus it let us switch things up a bit.
You can tell Bash is really interested in Mia's testimony
Driving Mr. Beckham

Sidewalk Chalk...
Oh this project was super fun and way easy to make. It's equal parts corn starch and water and then add food coloring of your choice, then use your muscles to mix well and poof, you've got yourselves homemade sidewalk chalk/paint. These kids went to town with it and the good part is it washes off so easy.

Trying to get in lots of pool time is these last days of summer

Fun with cupcakes

Meet the teacher night

I made this wreath for Bash's and Mia's teachers... Total cost for both wreaths...uhh .70 cents each. I know it's awesome...It took me all of five minutes to cover the foam wreath (9" from dollar tree cut in half for each teacher) with scrap polka dot material then glue gun the crayons and add twine to hang and to string the name tag. I filled it in at the school. She loved it and put it on her door immediately, hey brownie points for Bash.

If it were up to her she'd a made the whole thing green (her favorite color) or "greem" as she calls it

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