Monday, August 8, 2011

Circus Party

Beckham's big top birthday put a smile on faces young and old, and the one his face was priceless. I love carnival/circus theme anythings, so I jumped at the chance to do it for Beckham. There were a lot of last minute details that I didn't get to do but having gotten back from a weeks vacation 2 days before the party, I'm happy with the turnout.

These were our thank you cards
I made a strawberry cake with marshmallows that look like popcorn candy buffet a must
clown and face painter

Mia was gettin our $'s worth
made his lil cake out of a tuna can he split before the candy chaos ensued

dad's gift to Mia Beck?


  1. I LOVE the cake you made. SUCH a cute idea!

  2. SOOOO sad that we missed this! It looks like an amazing success though!!! Way to go, Miss Party-Planner! :)


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