Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring Break '11'

Our trip to Corpus this last Spring Break was long over due. Since time goes by so fast when we're there, we hardly have time to visit half of the people we want to. I'm happy to say we finally got pic of the kids with my Grandma Alaniz. She is a 92 year old spunky red head who is a hoot to be around. She told us some hilarious stories about my dad as a kid that Bash kept teasing him about. We spent the next couple of days on the island with my parents. It was Beck's first beach trip and the look on his face when he tasted his first grain of sand was priceless. Seeing my dad with my kids on the beach brought back LOTS of fun memories... learning how to swim, jumping waves, body surfing, fishing, bonfires...needless to say they were not happy when it was time to go. Can't wait to go back!
Beach Day 1

Beach days 2 & 3

Back to my mom's house
Painting pottery

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