Saturday, April 2, 2011

For Rebecca

While down in C.C. for sprink break, I took some pics of my friend Becca's daughter and Mia modeling some of her creations for her Etsy shop: Pratt McRae. These adorable skirts are fun, colorful, custom, easy wash & wear and a must have for any girl. Enjoy! (Becca's skirts are the yellow with polka dots and white w/ green trim)beach-heritage 456 beach-heritage 464 leahmia 176 leahmia 182 leahmia 204 mia only
beach-heritage 524 beach-heritage 506


  1. You know I'm loving these pics!! And thanks for the link to my shop. I think I might need to get my butt in gear and get some skirts listed. The pictures look amazing! Thanks again!!

  2. America, you are such a good photographer. You really have the eye and aesthetic sense of a good photographer.


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