Saturday, January 29, 2011

{Double Digits}

I can't believe my lil Bash is in double digits! It seems like only yesterday he was small enough to rock to sleep, now he's almost taller than me and growing like a weed. He's growing his hair out and constantly pointing out to his dad and I how much "peach fuzz" he has. John told him last year if he rubbed around his mouth in a circular motion (similar to when a man looks in the mirror and is tracing his facial hair ) that his mustache would grow really fast. It was a dirty trick, but super funny to watch him in the car rubbing around his mouth and asking every hour if we noticed anything.
He is a remarkable kid and I'm grateful for the young man he is developing into.

S - uper sensitive to the Spirit and always mindful of his presence
E - xcellent at finding humor in everything
B - est big brother to Mia and Becks and boldly protective of them
A - stounding writer and creative story teller
S - avage sweet tooth for only the most awesome sour gummy candy, just like his mama
T - alented at anything he puts his mind to
I - maginative and able to imitate characters and quote one-liners from his favorite movies
A - lways courteous and willing to help others in need
N - ature lover and all things outdoors

R - eminds us how much our Father in heaven must love us to entrust us with such a special spirit

Happy 10th Birthday

I made him bust through this when he got home from school
Great-grandpa Ririe sent him this to start his mission fund (Let's hope they call him) When asked what he wanted to eat for his bday, yep, SUSHI.

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