Monday, October 26, 2009


So, last week a sweet friend, Amber, the same one that rescued my sealing dress, invited some ladies over to make tutus for the girls. She picked out the perfect colors and her neighbor, who has a lovely online boutique called Notice me Designs, brought over some ribbon to add embellishment. It was so much fun to say the least and this is what I made. I was a little bummed because all of the other tutus were very neat and pretty and the waistbands were still in perfect shape, mine uh, not so neat and my waistband was super twisted upon completion. However, I'm just kind of impatient when making crafts because I get so exited to see the finished product, plus I was going as fast as I could because Mia was climbing up the stairs and she hasn't figured out that there is nothing behind you to catch your fall except some hard tile. So, I thought this tutu would be perfect for "pumpkin pics".

halloween 09 050

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  1. ok that is the cutest picture ever!!! And it looks perfect to me!


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