Thursday, September 10, 2009

How FAST could a FAT girl crawl, if a FAT girl could crawl FAST?

Ok so I've been meaning to post this for a week. Our little Mia is crawling at 7 months. Her brother beat her by a month but who's counting? He is.

Here is a little montage to recapture her first moments as a new crawler! YOU HAVE TO TURN UP THE SOUND!!!Enjoy

These are just the same videos without the montage. So, this video is from the first attempt.

Then we though, "What would entice a little Fatty to want to crawl, FOOD!!!" So we let her suck on some oranges and then set a plate of them as bait a couple of feet in front of her. Yep, she went for it, Literally. Within a 30 min. she was on the move.

Heres her reward!


  1. Yay Mia!!!! Baby Jared watched this with me and said "I see baby girl!!" and then he said "Sissy baby girl, too!" and then he said "Come again"....I don't know about that last one but now he wont stop saying baby girl which sounds more like baby gill, you know, so you get the whole effect!

  2. Ok I feel so special that I was on the email list that got told she was crawling! I loved the video and the fact that oranges got her moving! Way to go girl!!! Thanks so much for everything and we need to have you over again soon! Love ya'll tons!!!!!!-amanda

  3. How precious!! Thank you for sharing that video with us...that is awesome to see her moving around before you know it she will be walking!!

  4. Love it! Love the music. Was that playing for her while she was crawling?

  5. love Love LOVE!!! it. The music is too perfect for this you guys are great. Go Mia Go!!! What a proud pappa and mamma too oops must not forget Bash.


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