Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Commencement closure

Well, the day finally arrived that John was able to walk the stage and sort of gain some closure to the end of his long journey through education. Well, not the end, because now all he talks about his going back for his doctorate, but the end of his graduate years I guess. We were so exited sitting in a crowd of 20,000 people watching John walk across the stage, it was REALLY cool for Bash to see especially. It was the perfect day with mine and John's families and the perfect ending at Chilis'(thanks Yanet)with a group devouring of the Molten Chocolate Cake. Thank you everyone for coming and sharing in this special day!

johns grad -mia tutu 041
johns grad -mia tutu 061It was cool catching John on the jumbotron
johns grad -mia tutu 046
johns grad -mia tutu 045
johns grad -mia tutu 064
johns grad -mia tutu 066
johns grad -mia tutu 072


  1. Congrats John! That's great!
    I love Bash's suit. He looks so handsome.

  2. awwww yall are such a cute FAMILY! congrats agin John! One day we will be there:)!!!!

  3. Congratulations John an awesome step indeed. I'm so happy for you and your family. Congratulations to you too America the woman behind the man. Yanet if you read this as well Congratulations to a sweet mom. Take care of each other all of you. love cyndi


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