Saturday, September 26, 2009

The "dress" is in.. but I NEED A SEAMSTRESS!!!! HELP!!!

I just received my dress for the sealing ceremony today. Thanks mom! It is just what I pictured. Being that our budget was zero REALLY tight,I found this store in China, through Ebay, that was super reasonable with free shipping. It was a strapless mermaid style and I had read on another blog about this girl in Washington that sewed her own sleeves to an Alfred Angelo strapless dress to make it Temple ready. So I email and sent pics to the store in China asking if they could add sleeves like the one in Washington. They photoshopped the finished dress with the sleeves and it looked just like what I asked for. I ordered it on the 9th of Sept. and it arrived today. I'm so exited! However, it is a little tight in the armpit area and around the thighs. If anyone can or knows anyone who can alter this,for a reasonable price, PLEASE PLEASE call or email me! Thanks

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