Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ririe Reunion 2009

Well, as much as I love seeing more of our beautiful world, I must say I'm so glad to finally be home and have taken our last vacation for the summer. California was wonderful and well worth the wait in so many ways. I loved meeting and getting to know John's family as well as introducing Sebastian and Mia. Those who had not yet met Sebastian fell in love with him quickly, and were just smitten with Mia. She got passed around and ooh'd & ahh'd over constantly, and Sebastian was complimented continously on his good manners, which is so nice to hear after all we went through with his hateful teacher before he was diagnosed with Dyslexia. We were welcomed into the family to feel like we'd been a part of it forever. Although most of the trips highlights were seeing all the cool sights in Cali, I have to say that it was such a privilege to hear the many talks given at the reunion meetings about family history and various missions that family members went on, including, China, Germany, Parguay, and Bolivia. What an inspiration and a great example for Sebastian and all the other young children there. Although it saddens me that I converted after the opportunity for me to serve a mission had passed, I'm grateful that John and I will be able to one day serve together as he didn't get to go either. I love how Heavenly Father teamed us up for a mission later on in life. It's only fitting as nothing in my life is complete until I share it with him and there is hardly anything more special than looking forward to traveling on a mission with my spouse someday. I wonder if much soles need converting in St. Tropez or the Bahamas? Well, we now have dozens of places to stay when we get to visit Idaho and Utah. I can't wait. The Riries were a hoot and great to be around I miss you all already.
We tried to get this one down for a nap before take off
Not likely, she stayed awake until the last hour of the flight
As a true and faithful blogger always seeking bloggable moments, I asked the pilot if we could see the cockpit, and SHE happily said yes and even snapped some shots of us flying the plane. This was the best one I think.
I normally don't take pics of our hotel rooms unless I have something funny to say about them. I just had to capture this room I booked through in Santa Clara, Ca. The inexpensive deal we got was unbelievable. I kept thinking 'oh no, its going to be a dump, it won't look like the website" and to my surprise, as I entered the lobby, I was so relieved to see the beautiful SOHO /retro / chic decor that was just a taste of what our room and the rest of the hotel looked like. There was a Bennigans connected to one side that we had dinner at twice, and an IHOP on the other, both of which would give you a 40% discount off your bill upon showing your hotel room key. The Avatar was a great deal and a pleasant stay! Score mommy!
I can't get over the clouds right above us.
This picture still takes my breath away. For those of you who have been there and done a bit of traveling in your lifetime, you have to understand that up until I'd married John in Puerto Rico, I'd only been to Can Cun, a few parts of Mexico, and Nevada, and not even Vegas, a little gambling town in Nevada. So, I'm still taking it all in, and hoping to see the whole world one trip at a time.
We call this our CALIFORNIA ROLL
So cheezy, but we had to do it.
Fillmore, woop woop!
Sanrio lovers, eat your hearts out!
Cousin Natalie
Grandma and Grandpa Ririe getting down to business
1st meeting at the reunion
Everyday Grandpa would draw some names from a bucket and those people would have to tell the joke of the day, how fitting for the self-proclaimed comedian of our family to be the first one picked
This is John with Shirley. The most sweet and precious lady. During the time John's grandparents lived in New Zealand, they sort of adopted her as part of their family. When she found out who John was, the son of her brother John, her eyes filled with tears and she was over come with emotion and gave him a big hug. She has offered to let us stay with her when we go to Vegas in Oct. for my step-sisters wedding. I'll get to see Vegas yet.
Monkeying around
My sweet Peytie, the only one who didn't run away when I asked "who wants to take a picture with Aunt America?" I love you!
Oh just the Sassiest girls in the Ririe Family!
We kept asking if he wanted to give her back, but he loved holding her and kept her almost the entire meeting, YES!!!
Could Mia be any more dramatic, it's not a soap opera Mia
These cousins (David and Daniel) kept walking around with Ty & Bash on their necks and going "oh your scarf is lovely, aren't our scarves lovely?" We love our green scarves, they were hilarious. Needless to say the kids followed them around all weekend waiting to be teased, tickled, & tackled.
I don't know what Uncle Jonah is doing? HEY!
Dennis the Menace park (Monterey, Ca)
Our last night at Asilomar in Pacific Grove was a fun one. After lots of family history, and shopping in Salinas, and playing at Dennis the Menace park, we ended with a night of pictures and watching a movie with DJ, Natalie,and Will. I loved California and can't wait to go back. 6 cities in 4 days is pretty ambitious, but we did it. Bubba and Sara (John's cousins)
Uncle David, DJ, Aunt Nancy The last 4 remaining Ririe siblings: Grandpa David Ririe, Max Ririe, Elaine, Carma One last swim
A little gift from China town we wanted to show off. It didn't exactly go as planned, Mia had a huge, disgusting, green blowout, (you get the picture) right before we boarded the airplane. It was just as well, if we hadn't taken it off we would have had to keep on explaining that we didn't adopt her from China, she just looks like that.

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  1. i have loved reading and seeing your blog. what a cute family! thanks for the reunion photos because as usual i didn't take a single shot! we love you guys and hope we're at the top of the list of places to stay if you ever get to Utah.


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