Saturday, August 1, 2009

Leakey, Texas- An Alaniz Family tradition

Since before I was born both sides of my family have vacationed in Leakey, Texas, and floated the world famous Frio River. It is a place that is filled with many memories for me and I was so exited to take my babies there. Sebastian is a regular now, and Mia was quickly broken in. The river is called the Frio (which means cold in Spanish), and it is just that. Even though the temp. may be 100 degrees, the water is always freezing cold. We always find a nice cabin to stay in, rent some tubes to float on, food to munch on, and lots of games to play. This year we played horse shoes, volleyball, dominoes,and playing cards. Then when the adults got tired & kids were still bored I led them in a game of charades. It was one of the best trips there I've ever had. I started to miss everyone just on the ride home. Until next year.
Super snobby! The funny thing is, I have a pic of me and my dad identical to this one Gardner state park baby!
Over protective cousins (Stephen and Thomas) are super useful on vacations. They never let her out of their sight which was awesome because John was not able to make this trip and were so helpful. I love you guys!

Aunt Leti and baby Mark. Poor Leti had broken her toe, but as you can see it didn't stop her from doing it up Alaniz style! My brother would never marry a wimp. Ok ALOT of you can relate to the desperation CLEARLY behind this shot. Yep, all you mothers out there who are always the photographER never the photographED. So, I snapped one myself. Now I know why someone else should hold the camera. Look at Mia clearly not interested in helping me out.
I have to sneak shots of my big boy, who HATES taking pictures, so you'll see me like a National Geographic photographer hanging from trees or hiding behind brush and rocks just to snap a shot at the elusive dark boy. Our first day out on the Frio River, Mia was considerably lighter here. My Dad found her this tiny lil baby inner tube to float on. Needless to say we got stopped all down the river from people remarking how cute both Mia and the float were, mostly the float, just kidding. 012 Super sassy having a great time hamming it up for the camera. Seriously she was striking poses and didn't care who was looking. She had an audience as you can imagine. I love this pic of my dad, this is what these vacations are all about. This is one of the first times I've seen my dad sitting and relaxing in quite a long over due time. I inherited my love of the outdoors from him I'm sure.
Our accomodations: we've come a long way from the screen cabins we use to stay in when I was younger. "Livin like white folks", as John likes to say, to which I usually reply, "John, you ARE white!" Photobucket Photobucket Unlce Mark with the two stinkers, we were all in baby heaven and I loved every moment of it because I had a bunch of helping hands Those toes Grandpa pulled the old hat switcheroo
I took some pics of my sis with her boys, we're missing one but he has his own family now and these two still live at home with her. This was not just a pose, they are actually leading her as they have since they could walk because as some of you don't know my sister is legally deaf and blind. She has a disease called Usher Syndrome (click on the disease to learn more) I love that I captured this moment because I can picture them leading her just like this when they were two and three. It's funny how smart children are, from a very young age, they've been aware of her disability and always protected and lead their mommy.
This is my gorgeous sister Debbie who is 38 and doesn't look a day over 25.
Mia with Aunt Debbie, even though it was hard for her to see Mia very well because of her disease and how it affects her eyes, her heart was able to see her perfectly ! Mia can't wait for you to rock her to sleep again.
Mia and Grandpa Joe My niece Alondra had a birthday in June, but since they live in Florida, where we have no family, we surprised her with a party on our vacation. She had no idea, and my family made it very special for her, and as true Mexicans would have it, YEP Pinata style, ah yeah, woop woop!! Poor Pinata Dad and Mark settin it up
Sweet victory for the kids with their ten pound loots of jolly ranchers, kisses, bubble gum, blow pops and 100 other candies, not so victorious for their teeth I'm sure! My brother taking a pic of me taking a pic of him Passed out, that's what the river will do to ya!

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