Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Old McRirie had a farm E I E I O....

...And on his farm, he had some pretty hilarious kids!
old mcdonald 036
old mcdonald 035
old mcdonald 032
old mcdonald 026
old mcdonald 025
old mcdonald 022
old mcdonald 019
It all started with feeding one lil goat, then the whole family joined in. It was a feeding frenzy
old mcdonald 017old mcdonald 008 old mcdonald 012
Mia had a little lamb...
old mcdonald 007
old mcdonald 001Our friend the COOKOO bird, I know he's not one, but he sure looks COOKOOold mcdonald 003

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  1. America, those pictures are absolutely GORGEOUS! So, when do you want to come try out your photography skills on my family!

    Yes, those are some pretty hilarious kids(Sebastian is such a HAM)!!


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