Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Visit to Corpus Christi & Alice, Texas

As soon as we arrived, my Lil Sicily was waiting for her Aunt America, Uncle John, & cousin Bash. How cute is that lil Butterball? She reminds us of Betty Boop! We thought we were going to have to sedate Sebastian to give those puppies back to my dad. We had to check all luggage to make sure there was no smuggling of the pups going on. After visiting in C.C. we stopped in Banquete, Tx. to see some of my dad's beautiful carpentry. Even as an adult I am still amazed when I see my dad's work. It is absolutely breathtaking, the detail,creativity, and craftsmanship his work reveals. Here are some pics of an office he custom built. Every piece of wood, he meticulously placed. The owner of the building was so proud to show us his office and kept telling me how talented my dad is. That made me so proud!

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