Monday, September 22, 2008

Be still and Know that I am God

It is amazing the emotional rollercoaster we have been through with this storm. At first we were so fearful for our lives and our home. Then, we were thankful to Heavenly Father for keeping us safe and our home as well. Then we were sorrowful for those who did lose their loves ones, homes, and possessions. However, in the midst of the loss of electricity and chaos of the aftermath, we were so blessed to have this time to spend with John's family. I think maybe this is the Lord's way of allowing us to part from the fast paced world of technology (internet, cell phones, texting) and be still and know he is there. Without power, there wasn't much to do so we entertained ourselves with UNO, card games, hangin outside with the neighbors, grillin our food ourdoors, and just having a blast. We have been surrounded by babies and cousins and kids, and we love it. It is wonderful to hear these little voices call me Aunt America, I missed that. I have learned a persons true personality is revealed in times of chaos or crisis, and I witnessed those changes in people first hand. For example, the day before the storm was pandemonium and utter panic, especially at HEB, Walmart, and Krogers. I went to Walmart to get essentials and the lines were backed up to the end of the store. I had forgotten detergent and wanted to wash our linen because I knew we'd be having guests stay over. I asked the checker if she could have one brought up and she cracked up and said basically "you wish!" So, this little 10 year old boy behind me heard, and asked me what kind of detergent I wanted and bolted before I could tell him not to worry about it. He comes back in no time, out of breath with this huge bottle of Tide, and hands it to me. Everyone in line, including the checker was so moved. It kind of choked all of us up. What a wonderful example of a caring unselfish human being. Another example was the second day after the storm, there were literally maybe only 3 businesses open in our area, and one of them was Shipley's doughnuts. You can imagine thousands of hungry families with no electricity trying to get into this place. So, you have the crew hurrily working and stressed out by this mob of hungry people, you have the patient and caring ones who tell you where the line begins and the only two items they are selling which were kolaches and glazed doughnuts, and you have the impatient, selfish jerks, who park in front of doors and block everyone from entering, push you out of the way, and demand to know why this place even opened if they weren't going to sell chocolate doughnuts. I wanted to crawl out of my skin when I heard these people. This just reminds me how it is so important to remember we are not the only ones suffering,and the world does not revolve around us. We tend to get so caught up in ourselves, these situations force you to look around and make a difference wherever possible, however, big or small. Thank you Heavenly Father, for the blessings this storm left behind !

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