Monday, September 22, 2008

Peyton Ricker "Life of the Party"

"Life of the party" was the headline over the story they wrote in the Kingwood Observer about Peyton (John's newphew), to invite the public to come and show their support at a benefit carnival in Peyton's honor. Here is the link to this amazing story about a strong, happy, six year old boy that alot of us could learn a thing or two from. I certainly have, just being around him, reminds me of how precious life is, and not to take it for granted.
Go to this link to read about the carnival.

This carnival was organzied by Robert's sister Ruth. Ruth is a remarkable woman and mother of 5 whom, I've recently had the privelege to meet. She planned and put this carnival on in less than 5 weeks to help the Rickers (John's sister Jennifer, her husband Robert, and their 4 children) with out of pocket expenses. ie medical treatment, co pays, gas, bills, a baby on the way and you can imagine everything else that creeps up in stressful times. I have just been so blessed to have had the opporunity to be a part and help with this carnival. I cannot express how wonderful it was to see all of those people just give all that they could to have a great turn out. As you can see from the pics in the next post, the carnival was magical, and we all had a blast.

This is a link to Peyton's Blog. Some people from my family have already been praying for Peyton and know his story, but for those of you who haven't heard, please click on this link to Peyton's blog and read through it, and sign the guestbook
If you would like to contribute to his fund you can do so at any Wells Fargo Branch in Peyton Ricker's name. God's Blessings

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  1. Bueno Nena,
    Once again you have made me cry.
    I loved the pictures..all of them. It is really nice to see my sisters big smile and I am so glad the event went well. I just wish we could be there and share all the fun stuff. O.K. between us girls? you are sounding like an LDS girl and I love it:-)
    My love all the Riries and Brenners and keep the SAlSA Alive.
    Ang..... as you call me:-)

    ps. I am so glad you and Bash are our family. Love you all


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