Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Istanbul, Turkey Part I {Blue Mosque}

For our anniversary last year, John and I left the oldest at home and traveled light with this little one.  This trip had been on my list for a long time and finally everything just fell in to place and the timing was perfect. We were pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive everything was (especially compared to Morocco) and such good quality.  Haggling and bargaining was a cinch, because we'd learned from the roughest parts… Meknes and Marrakech.  Our apartment just happened to be 2 blocks away from the world famous Blue Mosque, which of course is directly across from the Hagia Sophia.

The most amazing experience for me had to be getting to actually enter the mosque. Women of course have to cover their heads and everyone must remove their shoes. It's all very organized, quiet, and orderly.

John and I became obsessed with their street cart drinks: pomegranate and orange juice freshly squeezed … so much so that we actually went on a wild goose chase to the Egyptian bazaar where the locals, shop and bought the exact same juicer that they use, pictured here. I have to tell you, this was probably one of the items in the shipment I was most anxious to receive. 

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