Sunday, December 7, 2014

Easter in Morocco

Easter in Morocco… well, we didn't see the  usual commercialism that goes along with Easter (the plastic eggs, candy, decorations, baskets, etc.) But I have to say that living in a country that truly worships and is mindful of their creator at all times was a great reminder that all else is secondary to the meaning of these celebrations. Cracking cascarones on someones head is so much fun and reminds me of Easters growing up spent with family or on a ranch, but it has nothing to do with why we celebrate Easter. This year we were able to participate in an Easter service at our branch in Rabat. The music was beautiful and the message was clear and unforgettable.  The Spirit was felt strongly in that home that evening.  After church on Sunday we watched some conference to keep that comforting feeling of the Spirit and then did the usual traditions with the kids.  Peter Rabbit left them goodies, even in Dar Bouazza and we were blessed with the most beautiful rainbow that seemed so close you could touch it. I know that our Savior lives, I know that Jesus is the Christ and was obedient in making the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. I am grateful to have that testimony and the knowledge that through him I am forgiven.

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