Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Last pre-teen year, YIKES!

This guy, what can I say, he's still our baby boy. He was ordained a Deacon on Jan 27, the same day his baby sister was blessed. If that wasn't reason enough for him to believe that Heavenly Father wanted him to be a good example to his sisters, Mia will turn 8 the week he turns 16, which is the age he will be able to baptize her. This kid reminds me everyday how lucky I am to the have gospel in my life, and with that, a source of guidance in our journey through the wonderful world of parenting a preteen boy. I make so many mistakes but I never stop believing I'll get it right one day. I just hope this kid knows not a day goes by that I don't thank the Lord for him. He is a kind-hearted soul who may not be perfect but always chooses the right when it matters most. He loves to fish and ride his long board and attend mutual at church. I hope that his love for nature and the gospel keep him on a righteous path toward going on a mission. We love you Bash. Mom

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