Wednesday, March 27, 2013

60 years of memories

 This year my mom turned the big 6 0 and we wanted to do something really special for her. What do you give someone who has given you everything your whole life. Hmmm, that's a tough one. Well, luckily Pinterest had the most amazing ideas. 
This was one I knew my mom would absolutley love... I sent out an email to all of our family, her friends, and her co-workers from over 30 years ago. (she worked in a hospital operating room for over 30 years and a lot of them still work there) I asked them to write a memory, anecdote, or just anything funny they remembered about my mom. The letters came pouring in...Her husband, brother and sister, her cousins, nieces / nephews, grandchildren, best friends, co-workers, doctors, nurses, you name it, starting sending letters. My brother and sister and our children even wrote some. 
Then I put them each in an individual envelope and mailed them to her. I wish with all of my heart that I could have been there when she opened them. I called her cell to which she rejected my call and sent a text saying "I'm on my third letter, tears flowing, I'll call you in a little bit"
Oh, I couldn't hardly wait to hear her reaction.  Needless to say she loved it...

...probably as much as I loved reading them as I received them. My brother and sister and I throughout the process got to reminisce about my mom's quirks and funny things she used to do and say. There is no gift in the world that could ever express how much she is loved.

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