Sunday, September 18, 2011

home is where the heart is !

Before we found out we may be relocated I was doing some house hunting and stumbled upon this UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS to die for house. I couldn't believe my eyes, the clouds parted, the angels sang, ok that's a bit much, but if this is your style ladies, I know you feel me. Anyhow, I actually had the privilege to talk with the owner and she very graciously gave me the skinny on everything I thought you and I would like to know about this perfect house and all of it's eye candy. So read the q & a below to find out how she put her heart into this home. FYI: It's active and in Kingwood, so if you want specifics on the house or realtors, email me or leave a comment. Also, E.L. said feel free to ask any other questions and she'd be happy to answer them. My kinda gal!
pine garden Click to view lgr. image
1. do you do your own decorating? and what is your inspiration? [E.L.] . yes, I do my own decorating. My husband is a big hunter, and we love the outdoors. My inspiration comes mainly from my mom’s paintings and growing up in Louisiana. I love neutral tones, whites, creams, etc. but I also love the color red. You can probably tell that from all my rugs. I can’t seem to get away from blue and white pottery as well—you see a lot of that in my lamps.
2. have you always used this style or do you change it up through the years? [E.L.] No changes- same style year after year. I try to remain pretty traditional. My attempts to reinvent myself through different trendy styles have ended in disaster—so I try to remain true to my roots!!
3. where did you find the black hardware for your kitchen cabinets, and front door? (hinges, latches) [E.L.] we found it in a restoration magazine that specializes in hardware. I think it’s called antique restoration?? I can look up the name for you.
4. Paintings- where do you find your artwork? (dog, cattle, beach scene, sailboats, etc.)
[E.L.] My mother is an artist and has painted just about everything in my house. Her favorite subject is cattle- as you can see. She is also inspired by our love of Labrador retrievers and has made it her mission to paint every single one I have owned. The beauty in my kitchen sporting the red bandana is our beloved Bella who passed away 2 years ago.
5. Furniture- where is your favorite place to shop for furniture?
[E.L.] Round top, TX!! And any antique store, junk store, garage sale, estate sale ,etc. I HATE new furniture. I like things that have been used and loved by others!!
6. can you tell me about the beds and especially that adorable crib? where did you find the matching twin beds and master bed?
[E.L.] my crib is by a company called paint box designs. My husband nearly killed me when I bought it—far too expensive for his taste. But- it has served us well with three little girls- we definitely got our money out of it. The twin beds were found at an estate sale- solid brass and heavy as lead. My master bed is just a simple pine pencil post bed that my husband stained a darker wood. My parents bought it years ago and gave it to us when we married.
7. Bedding: the linen and bedding in your home is to die for, where is your favorite place to buy bedding?
[E.L.] I refuse to pay full price for bedding so I shop the Ralph Lauren outlet store for all my bedding. I have picked up great bargains over the past few years. The girls have pottery barn linen on their beds- also from the outlet. I have found great things at HomeGoods on 1960 as well. Oh- and when Macy’s has a blowout sale- I pick up Ralph Lauren shams and coverlets there as well.
8. how would you describe your style?
[E.L.] No clue! I just like a home that has a bunch of things to look at. Terri told me when we listed the house that I needed to de-clutter—I never got around to doing that!!
9. What will you miss the most about this house?
[E.L.] I will miss everything about this house. It has been such an amazing home. I am so sad about the possibility of leaving it and I really hope a young family can care for it and love it as much as we have. It sounds like your family would be the perfect fit- I’m sorry it can’t work out.

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