Friday, May 27, 2011

{a SuNBeaM}

There is no shortage of broken used cell phones in our house, the kids love playing with them, especially Mia. She will often hand me the phone and when asked who it is will respond either "Mom" (my mom) or daddy, or whoever, but lately she has used a sandal from a pair I bought her with butterflies on them, to talk, but she only talks to one person with it... Jesus. I've tried testing it out many times. I'll hand her the cordless, my cell, other broken phones, and she'll say it's anyone else, but when handed the's only Jesus. So yesterday she picked up her sandal and said the usual: "Here Mommy, talk to Jesus?" so I said "Oh ok I 'd love to, what does he want?" and she said "A Sunbeam", as I choked back my tears I replied "ok, will you be one for Him?" and just as cool and nonshalant as she could be replied, "Sure"
There is no question in my mind that she and all of the other little spirits on this earth communicate one to one with Him, whether it be by prayer, or song, or even a little sandal with butterflies, he's always listening...


  1. What a beautiful story. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow!! What an incredible event- melts my heart!


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